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FastCGI is simple because it is actually CGI with only a few extensions.

Not only does FastCGI restore the strengths of CGI, it also adds two new benefits:

Development on FastCGI:

There is not much development on FastCGI because it is a very stable protocol / application.

But, yes, we are here…

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Frequently asked questions, examples and explanations.

FastCGI White Paper

Describes the motivation for FastCGI, the FastCGI interface, FastCGI application roles, the FastCGI application library, and FastCGI performance.

Understanding FastCGI Application Performance

Why FastCGI applications often run faster than applications coded directly to Web server APIs.

FastCGI Developer’ Kit

How to configure and build the kit, and write applications using the FastCGI application libraries.

FastCGI Programmer’ Guide

Programmer-oriented documentation for developers of FastCGI applications. The content overlaps considerably with the Developer’s Kit document.

FastCGI Specification

Defines the interface between a FastCGI application and the Web server.

FastCGI - A High-Performance Gateway Interface

Position paper presented at the workshop “Programming the Web – a search for APIs”, Fifth International World Wide Web Conference, 6 May 1996, Paris, France.

Rob’s Open Source ‘99 Presentations

Two FastCGI related presentations given at O’reilly’s Open Source ‘99 Conference in Monterey, CA.

From the Perl Conference (Applying Perl track):

Scaling CGI with Perl PDF PowerPoint

From the Apache Conference:

The Apache FastCGI Implementation PDF PowerPoint

The Apache FastCGI Process Manager

A description of some of the functionality of the process manager in mod_fastcgi. I’m not sure how accurate it is.

Servers that support FastCGI


The FastCGI application libraries.

Articles on FastCGI